Dr Kellie Vincent, MBA Director at Westminster Business School, wrote for Changeboard about how bullying culture can develop in the workplace and what can be done to eradicate it.

The lack of definition of bullying and leaders with personality disorders can normalise bullying culture within an organisation which makes it more difficult to tackle the issue, argues Dr Vincent.

“Clearly there is a case to be made for thinking about how organisations can create cultures where bullying is recognised and where employees feel able to report incidents. For this to happen there must be a culture of respect and trust permeating at every level; this goes beyond the remit of just the HR department and everyone within the organisation has a role to play.

“Where HR plays a significant role is in the area of anti-bullying training to enable everyone to identify when bullying is actually happening and when their own behaviour is not appropriate,” writes Dr Vincent.

Read the full article on changeboard.com.

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