Music producer and artist Chagall will host two open studio sessions at Westminster School of Media Arts and Design to inform and inspire Westminster Commercial Music BA students about integrating new technologies into electronic music.

On 27 February and 1 March Chagall will be holding open studio sessions for students on the Commercial Music BA to observe her working practices followed by an exclusive showcase of her new work with a Q&A session on 3 March. The open studio sessions are part of Chagall’s two week Research and Development project, in collaboration with University of Westminster and Music Hackspace funded by Arts Council England. The project aims to create a unique live show unifying Chagall’s work as a musician with her technological and physical method as a performance artist and to engage new audiences.

When speaking about the project she said: “I’m so excited about this opportunity to actually bring my musical, visual and technical ideas to life and work with my super talented team and Westminster University students. The support of Westminster University gives me great confidence that we’ll create something beautiful and I really hope I’ll be able to inspire the students during our time at Area 51.”

Chagall is a London-based, Dutch electronic music producer, songwriter and vocalist and an early adopter of the gestural gloves interface. The gloves combine gesture detection and mapping software, which allows for a new and flexible approach to the control of music and visuals with intuitive human movement.

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