The Centre for the Study of Democracy and the Department of Politics and International Relations are organising a full programme of seminars with visiting speakers this semester.

Events take place on Tuesdays 4-5.30pm (unless otherwise stated) at Westminster Forum, Level 5, 32-38 Wells Street, University of Westminster, W1T 3UW.

All are welcome to attend the seminars and booking is not required.

27 September
Sarah Childs (University of Bristol), ‘Being a gendered/feminist/woman actor in a masculinized and conservative political institution: the House of Commons and the Good Parliament Report.’

11 October
Joe Hoover (Queen Mary University), ‘Performative Rights and Situationist Ethics.’

25 October
James Chiriyankandath (Institute of Commonwealth Studies) ‘Hindu nationalism and Indian democracy 70 years after partition: majoritarianism in a plural nation.’

15 November
Joe Devine (University of Bath), ‘Bangladesh and the Curious Case of Democracy: Business as Usual?’.

22 November
Ayse Zarakol (University of Cambridge), ‘The Turkish Winter.’

24 November*
Robyn Eckersley (University of Melbourne), ‘Geopolitan Democracy in the Anthropocene.’
*Note this seminar falls on Thursday, same time and place.

29 November

13 December
Brad Evans (University of Bristol), ‘The Naked Appeal to Mythical Violence.’

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