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Centre Members Adam Eldridge, Simon Flacks and Guy Osborn had their article The Night and Cultural Benefit: The Case for A Holistic Approach to Licensing published in the Entertainment and Sports Law Journal. The article drew upon research conducted as part of a GLA/Mayor of London commissioned project, which is available here.

In her capacity as the Chair of the George Lansbury Memorial Trust Pippa Catterall was invited by PoplarHARCA to submit a proposal for a suitable memorial to George Lansbury for their current redevelopment of the Chrisp Street Market in the heart of the Lansbury estate in Tower Hamlets. 

Finally, advance notice that Centre member Matt Morrison’s play ‘Dance' is being produced as a piece of online theatre with the support of the ACC fund (public engagement strand). A collaboration between the revived Soho Poly venue in our LTS/RHS building, Brickdust theatre company and Disruptive Events production company, it marks the first fully produced play at the (currently virtual) Soho Poly for thirty years, and honours the original venue’s pioneering interaction with the new media of its day (radio and TV). Rehearsed over Zoom, and filmed on iPhones, it will be viewable on streaming services in early July. Watch this space!

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