Partners of the Smart-Eco project are guest-editing a special issue of the journal Sustainability, entitled Smart, the New Sustainable? The Smart City and its Implications for Sustainable Urbanism.

In academic literature, the concept of the smart city has surpassed that of the sustainable city, in terms of the volume of attention in receives. Is this discursive shift relatively superficial and inconsequential or does it represent a more profound change in our understanding of urban planning and politics? This, and related questions, are being explored in a new special issue of Sustainability, edited by Martin de Jong, Simon Joss and Federico Caprotti.

In particular, contributions are invited relating to the following:

  • Conceptual perspectives: theories and histories interrogating the relationship between smart and sustainable.
  • Policy and governance perspectives: theoretical and empirical analyses of policy and governance processes, especially concerning the evolving interplay between smart and sustainable development agendas.
  • Individual and comparative case studies: examining various on-the-ground practices and their approaches to interrelating smart and sustainable within particular discourses and institutional and material settings.

The deadline for submitting preliminary abstracts is 31 January 2018. Abstract submissions can be made to any of the three guest editors. The deadline for manuscript submissions is 30 June 2018.

Visit the journal page for more information and contact details.

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