Butlins unveiled their newest Redcoats uniform, designed by University of Westminster graduate and up and coming British designer Hannah Clayton.

University of Westminster flag

"Since Billy Butlins first introduced the redcoats uniform back in 1936, the distinctive red blazers have become one of the most enduring sights at Butlins holiday camps.

Butlins' Sales and Marketing Director says: 'The Butlins Redcoats are world famous and we felt that Hannah really understood the importance of maintaining some of the uniform’s iconic attributes, while bringing them bang up to date in terms of style."

Read the full article published by the Mail Online at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2097235/Butlins-new-Redcoats-uniform-Lady-Gaga-fan-designer-Hannah-Clayton.html#ixzz1ljkwtJNd

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