Our recent JISC DigitISE survey asked students about their digital literacy skills as they apply to employability – 87.6% of respondents said "I love using digital technology".

Harrinder Nagra is the lucky Business Studies student who has won £100 of Amazon vouchers as part of this recent survey.

Harrinder says, “ As a business studies student I am well aware of the power of digital skills for my future career. From Microsoft Excel for the balance sheet to an appealing LinkedIn profile for online job seeking, it’s important that I keep on top of these skills.”

Survey responses have also revealed:

  • 81.5% of participants consider themselves digital literate
  • academic staff were considered digitally literate by 64.9% and support staff got a similar rating by 69.2% of respondents
  • 92.3% of students consider it important for students to develop digital skills
  • 55.9% agreed with the statement "The University has the responsibility to equip me with the digital literacy skills I need"

Upcoming seminars and workshops on digital skills and employability

On March 21, the University will host a day-long series of seminars and workshops on the topic of digital skills and employability – look out for more news on this soon.

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