On Monday 12 February, the ‘What it takes’ series invited Business Administration BA alumna and Executive Coach, Author Jenny Garrett to feature in the ‘What it takes to be a confident public speaker’ event.

The event series ‘What it takes’ feature successful Westminster alumni speakers each month to inspire students and recent graduates and give them the opportunity to network with each other.

This month, Jenny Garrett, who graduated from the Business Administration BA course in 2000, and is now Executive Coach and Author, was invited to talk about her career and share her tips for becoming a confident public speaker.

Jenny is a published author, a Freeman at the Guild of Entrepreneurs, an award-winning career coach and TEDx speaker. She provides practical advice and tips on improving public speaking skills and has extensive experience coaching individuals from companies such as Ernst & Young, American Express, Accenture and Shell. She is also the founder of Reflexion Associates, an expansive, holistic and enlightening leadership coaching and development consultancy, which aims to evoke the best in individuals, teams and organisations.

Jenny Garrett
Credits: Westminster Business School (University of Westminster)

Jenny discussed her career path during the event and provided practical tips for students about how to deliver presentations as part of their degrees or job interviews, and how to become a more confident public speaker. Students also had the chance to ask Jenny questions and network with each other at the end of the event.

During an interview she gave to the Westminster Alumni team, Jenny Garrett revealed how public speaking helped her career. “Public speaking has made me have to hone and craft my message, it has helped me reach a wider audience and given me opportunities to influence in the media.” She also explained why it is crucial to have good public speaking skills to succeed: “Communication is key and those who can speak publicly have a huge advantage that they can spread their message further and inspire people into action.”

The next event, as part of the ‘What It Takes’ alumni event series, will take place on 27 February and will feature an Investment and Finance panel of alumni Elliot Walton, Shane Jocelyn and Irina Grosu talking about ‘What it takes to work in the City’.

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Cover picture credits: Westminster Business School (University of Westminster)

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