Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications at University of Westminster, contributed his academic expertise to comment on the Disney takeover of 21st Century Fox and the impact of this on the possible Sky takeover.

Speaking to Bloomberg, The Independent and Standard-Examiner about the possible impact this will have on future bids for Sky, Steven Barnett said that “compared to Fox, it’s a no-brainer” to consider Disney taking over Sky, rather than the ongoing bid from Fox. He added: “Disney has a wholesome brand image, which is not exactly something you can say about the Murdochs.”

In an article for CNN, Professor Barnett regards Disney’s reputation as “squeaky clean” – claiming that the takeover would help smooth the deal if Disney were to make a bid for Sky in the future – with the current Fox/Sky deal under pressure from the UK government.

Previously, Steven Barnett commented on the pending bid for Murdoch to acquire Sky PLC in Bloomberg Technology.


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