Two third year students have presented a research poster at the Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2016.

Camila Gaspar and Amritpal Singh, who both study Biochemistry BSc Honours, presented a poster on energy production in the E. coli bacteria, and how they transfer electrons outside of the E. coli bacteria using a different type of bacteria.

The Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2016 was held at the Arena and Convention Centre in Liverpool and was attended by over 1,200 people. The Microbiology Society was formally established in 1945. The first president of the society was Sir Alexander Flemming, who is an alumnus of the University of Westminster.

On the event, Amritpal Singh said: "Presenting at the annual microbiology conference was an amazing experience. We were able to present our research in more relaxed atmosphere and have conversations with academics and students about our work. 

“It was a great opportunity to network and experience what the life of a researcher is really like."

Camila Gaspar, said: "It was a great experience from both academic and social view. I had the chance to meet other students with similar interest as well as academics. “I think it is a fantastic opportunity for students and I highly encourage them to go to conferences on their academic field. Thank you University of Westminster for the support."

The students were taught by Dr Anatoliy Markiv, who is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences. “Attending scientific conferences and presenting their research is an invaluable experience for students, especially for those wishing to pursue a research career.”

Both students were part of the iGem 2015 Giant Jamboree, in which students spend the summer creating genetically engineered systems using biological parts. At the competition, the University of Westminster team received a gold medal.

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