Learning Support are recruiting student volunteers for their WIN Peer Assisted Learning Schemes that will be piloted in MAD and WBS in the Academic Year 2014-15.

The Westminster Inspiration Network (WIN) project 2014 aims to use Peer-Assisted Learning to help students work through common problems develop their study skills and settle into University life. Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) involves student-to-student support. Through WIN-PAL, second-year, third-year and PhD students will be trained to support or run study skills, training and mentoring sessions to support the needs of students in their first year as well as students with disabilities.

Learning Support will pilot three schemes: WIN Skills Learning Cafes, WIN IT Skills and WIN Disability Buddies.

WIN Skills Learning Cafes will consist of second-year, third-year and postgraduate students leading drop-in sessions for first-year students of the same course. They will help the first-year student by passing on their experience of the course and developing their study and learning skills.

WIN IT Skills will involve paid students supporting introductory sessions led by IT training. They will provide practical help in sessions introducing Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

WIN Disability Buddies will act as mentors to first-year students who have a disability and need additional help and support to orientate, especially at the beginning of their university experience.

Volunteers will be eligible to get the Westminster Active Student Award and the Westminster Volunteering Roll of Honour.

Students can register their interest on our sign-up page until 31 July. They will then be invited to an interview or recruitment day in June, July or August.

For further information about WIN please contact Dr Nicola Allett: [email protected].

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