Professor Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy, was interviewed on BBC Radio Wales’s  Sunday Supplement about the similarities and differences between the cabinet reshuffles of Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Harold Macmillan.

Professor Pippa Catterall

Professor Catterall is the editor of The Macmillan Diaries, a series of the foremost books on the complete life of the Prime Minister from 1957-1963. 

She argued that, while the sacking of seven ministers in Macmillan’s cabinet is similar to that of Boris Johnson’s, their aims and policies were very different. She said: “It was a very different kind of decision and process. He [Macmillan] was in a position where he was negotiating entry to Europe rather than trying to get out.” 

The focus was very much on modernising the economy, not about taking the social fabric of the country backwards, which is more like what is happening now.” 

Listen to the full programme on the BBC Radio Wales website. 

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