Dr Spinder Dhaliwal, Leader of the Special Interest Group Entrepreneurship at Westminster Business School, was interviewed on BBC Radio London, Sheffield, Derby and Northampton to talk about Jack’s, the new discount store chain recently opened by supermarket giant Tesco.

Speaking to BBC Radio Sheffield about the opening of the new store chain, Dr Dhaliwal said: “I welcome it, we need another cheap store to rival the Germans, and with Tesco being a British-based store, there’s enough gap in the market. People like low-priced foods and I think it will be a success.”

However, she also acknowledged the threat that Jack’s would pose to existing Asian discount chains, saying. Speaking to BBC Radio London and Derby about the health of Asian corner shops, she said: “Generally more shops have changed across the board and there are generational issues and choices. Our parents may not have had the choice to go into another career, whereas younger people have the language and communication skills, networks and better choices.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Northampton, she added: “Asian corner shops have been affected for quite a few years now. Everything that was really unique for a small shop has now been lost, and the only convenience is that people can run in and buy what they want, whereas in the bigger shops you’ve either got to queue for ages or go round the whole supermarket.”

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