Dr Manal Mohammed, who teaches Microbiology, was interviewed on BBC Radio London about children’s personal hygiene.

BBC Radio London: Drivetime with Eddie Nestor, With Dr Manal Mohammed

Dr Manal Mohammed was asked about children’s hygiene and how they can prevent getting infected, and said that strengthening the immune system is the most important factor. 

She said: “It is important to keep up with vaccines, and parents need to make sure that children have healthy diets, don’t skip breakfast and eat enough vegetables and fruits. Where possible, they should do regular physical exercise like walking to school or cycling.”

She also spoke about the importance of hand washing. She added: “Washing [your] hands is crucial in preventing infection, people need to wash their hands in the right way. We tell children they should spend around 15-20 seconds on washing their hands.”

She gave tips about washing your hands thoroughly, and said: “Children need to make sure that certain areas on the hands are washed with soap, like between the fingers, the backs of the hands and the base of the thumbs.”

Listen to the full interview on BBC Sounds.

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