Dr Ioannis Glinavos, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Westminster, was interviewed on the Drivetime with Eddie Nestor programme broadcast on BBC Radio London to discuss Theresa May’s announcement on a deal with the European Union after weeks of intense negotiations.

Speaking about Theresa May’s announcement, Dr Glinavos said: “It reminds me back to what happened in Greece in 2015. You remember that the Greeks set a referendum about what was perceived to be the Euro membership at that time. Now the result of that one was very similar to the Brexit results. One in favour of independence and not capitulating to Europe. What happened immediately after that, Mr Tsipras, the Prime Minister of Greece, went to Europe and made a deal very similar to the one Theresa May came back with today, effectively giving them everything they wanted.”

He added: “What worries me about this agreement is the fact that in order to avoid the border in Ireland, the government appears to be accepting participation in the single market and the customs union as the default position.”

Concluding, Dr Glinavos said: “To me it seems as a total capitulation. I listened to the Lancaster speech where Theresa May was telling us very ‘nicely’ how Brexit means being out of everything and now after having felt to come up with a solution for the Northern Irish border, we have effectively accepted participation in the customs union and the single market. Today’s agreement is good news for everyone but bad news for Theresa May.”

Listen to the full interview on BBC iPlayer from 01:07:57.

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