Professor Angela Clow, Emeritus Professor in Psychology, appeared on BBC Radio 4 to explain how important exercise is while highlighting positive results from her recent research experiment. 

Professor Clow talked about the study ‘Workplace Activators’ that she conducted in collaboration with Dr Sara Edmunds and Central YMCA. It involved people who are workplace colleagues to see if they could inspire their inactive colleagues to be more physically active, using peer suggestions and gentle encouragements.

She concluded that the project was extremely successful, resulting in decreased levels of depression for the participants, as well as in a boost for their self-esteem and connectedness with their colleagues.

Professor Clow explained: “This very simple intervention was an extremely powerful motivator. We are social human beings - you are much more likely to succeed at exercise, if you participate with other people, so all of these three things can work together to encourage you to sustain being active for more than just the first week of the New Year.”

Listen to Professor Angela Clow speaking on the ‘You and Yours’ programme from 11:00.

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