Tom Buchanan, Professor of Psychology and Research Director in the Faculty of Science and Technology, has been interviewed by BBC Online about the psychological implications of being ‘monitored’ in smart homes.

Professor Buchanan commented: “In fact, people in modern life are very used to being observed, whether that's through CCTV, smartphone use or even car registration.

"I think most people genuinely aren't aware of all the data that is collectible about them at any point in time or what the value of that data is.

"I think there are many people who are uncomfortable with it - who go to great pains to try to protect their privacy - but even those people will surrender their privacy in order to access services that they need.

"Unless you were to completely strip technology out of your life, I'm afraid we are stuck with it."

Talking about smart homes, Professor Buchanan added: “What’s different about this situation is that you are aware what’s going on whereas in most of our everday lives, these things that are potentially monitoring us just blend into the background and become part of the furniture.”

Read the full article and watch the video report on BBC Online.

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