Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications at University of Westminster, was interviewed by Samira Ahmed for a BBC Newswatch panel discussion about the BBC’s new, external regulator Ofcom.

Samira Ahmed set out to find what difference the new body will make to viewers concerned about balanced and impartial news coverage and regulation.

Professor Barnett said: “The BBC will be required to do what is set by Ofcom which is different from the previous complaints procedure. There will be changes to licenses for the different radio stations and possibly the TV channels.”

He added that the BBC Trust was, in his view, a good independent body and did well at looking after the complaints. However, he continued to say that the problem arose from the perception that it was linked to the BBC and therefore couldn’t be impartial.

He concluded by saying that there will always be complaints from people who see the news through their own lens and decide what is right particularly on the big issues like the Brexit result and the Middle East.

Watch the full video here.

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