Dr Paul Breen, Senior Lecturer in the Westminster Professional Language Centre and Irish affairs expert, was interviewed by the BBC Business Briefing about the preparations being made on the Irish border for a Brexit no-deal situation.

With the negotiations deadline approaching and no clear deal in sight, contingency plans are being made on all sides, and the Irish border is one of the most delicate situations at hand.

When asked about the economic estimates for the border that have been given, Dr Breen said they might be conservative. He explained: “I think our visit to the Irish border is very much about placating the DUP rather than actually engaging with businesses and with the people who are going to be affected by Brexit and by the effect of a hard border.”

Dr Breen said a no deal situation would be a “disaster” even if contingency measures are put in place. This is because, according to him, in the case of Northern Ireland everything is slightly different.

Talking about the EU sorting things out at the last minute, he concluded: “Imagining that something miraculous is going to happen at the very last minute is a very foolish game for Theresa May to play, and I think her and the DUP are playing politics with a very sensitive situation and with the Good Friday agreement as well.”

Watch the full interview on BBC iPlayer from 02:38.


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