Professor Izzet Kale, Research Director in the College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries, recently gave an interview to BBC Click on an innovative firefighting technology developed by the Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group (ADVRG).

Professor Izzet Kale and his team developed a wireless sensor network aimed at monitoring and helping tackle forest fires. In his interview Professor Kale explained how the solar powered prototypes senses track essential information and provide with immediate feedback for firefighting.

He described how the sensors work, explaining that if one sensor detects a fire, it will alert neighbouring sensors, which will attempt to detect fire and measure the distance from the fire, this information is conveyed to a master sensor and then the server which then triggers the release of a drone camera to get a visual. With this technology, you can fight fires, day and night, with no visibility.

Watch the full interview from 5:30 on BBC iPlayer.

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