Dr Paul Breen, Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, joined the group of experts on the Article 50 podcast, which explores the impact of Brexit across the most important sectors, also focusing on education. 

Discussing Brexit, Dr Paul Breen expressed his views about the lack of clear plan in place: “The clock is ticking, we’re moving on month by month and there seems to be no progress, it’s just one distraction after the other.

“It’s just unbelievable that any government and any prime minister could actually go into the negotiations to trigger Article 50 without having any clear idea of what was going to come after that.”

Commenting on Chris Heaton-Harris's demand from universities to declare what they are teaching students about Brexit, Dr Paul Breen commented:

“I think it is a failure to understand the ways students are taught at universities. What we teach students is to actually have them look at all sides of an argument, so if in my classes if I was going to teach about Brexit, then I would actually encourage them to look at it from both perspectives. We do not preach out to students – we are not politicians, we are teachers.”

Click here to listen to Dr Paul Breen speaking on the podcast.

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