Students from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment have publicly exhibited their work relating to migration in the Design Museum.

The students, who were from Studio 3 of the Department of Architecture studying Architecture and Migration, were displaying their designs for a new Museum of Migration.

The work was showcased at the Design Museum’s Migration Lab event, which aimed to show the realities of forced migration. Along with the exhibit, the event also included a workshop, a screening and a discussion.

The event was open to the public, meaning that the students could see the public’s reaction to their work.

One of the students at the event, Ilar Farrokhzad, said: “You rarely get the opportunity to put your initial ideas out there for people to respond to, especially in a great setting like the Design Museum.

We really appreciated this chance to display our work and see how people reacted to it.”

Another student, Joe Hyman, said: “We felt that the event at the Design Museum was the perfect landscape for us to develop our concepts and further our ideas about migration.”

Along with the event, the students have set up a Facebook page, so that people can follow their work and progress.

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