Along with partner Valerio De Santis, Architecture BA Honours graduate Andrea Cappiello has been awarded first prize for their pavilion, which will debut at an upcoming music festival in Budapest, Hungary to an audience of thousands.

Archtalent, an online architecture platform for architects, in collaboration with Sziget, one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, made an international call to design a temporary structure within the context of a music festival in Budapest, Hungary.

The aim was to use the current model of architectural competition to develop a new contest, which would be an opportunity to emerging talent around the world to boost their potential in a real competition, and showcase their built project to an audience of thousands.

The project was born from the desire to create an ephemeral place where diversity is not demonised, flattened in any way, but praised and held together by the common passion for music. The design presents itself in the pure form of a platonic solid, acting as an iconic landmark and lantern for the festival. The visitors will easily recognise it from a distance and will be able to find their way around the festival with its help. During the night the cube will reveal itself as a huge iconic lantern, with its internal and external facade illuminated, creating striking colour effects.

Speaking of their win, Andrea said: “It is a great accomplishment to see our design coming to life. Having the chance to see your ideas being rewarded and appreciated is the reason why I firstly started this profession. This experience will motivate me to continue designing and participating in competitions in my spare time, hoping that one day this passion will become my everyday job”.

The Sziget festival will take place between 9-16 August 2017.

View details of Andrea's award-winning design.

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