This year’s Tourism and Events Careers Panel, organised by third year BA Tourism and Events Management students in conjunction with Tourism lecturers from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, took place at the University of Westminster’s Marylebone Campus.

The panel was supported by the University’s Career Development Centre and was designed to give students the chance to hear from successful professionals from the Tourism industry.

The panel featured four professional guest speakers and two alumni currently working in the tourism and events industry. Panellists included Ben Lassman, Director of Blue Case Management; George Harrington, Team Leader of Business Development at Corporate Traveller; Rhoobin Langeveldt, Meeting and Events Operations Manager at Park Plaza Riverbank, and Alexandra Davies, Vice President in Relationship and Event Management at Barclays.

Two former students, Gabriella Parodi and Megan Lance, also attended the Careers Panel and shared their experience and knowledge with students.

The event featured a series of short presentations which took place in front of an audience of undergraduate and postgraduate students eager to gain tips and expertise from industry professionals. Students were given advice on how to develop their career in the tourism, hospitality and event management sectors. They were also introduced to opportunities offered by many of the companies and learned first-hand about what employers are looking for in terms of skills, knowledge and experience.

George Harrington, Team Leader of Business Development for Corporate Traveller, said:

“It was a pleasure to participate in the Tourism and Events Careers Panel hosted by The University of Westminster. Both organisers and attendees represented the Department incredibly well, and I was happy to share a bit about my role and experience in the travel industry. As a Team Leader at Corporate Traveller, the SME focused brand of Flight Centre Travel Group’s corporate division, I have the privilege to work with some of the best travel experts in the business. Being a Sunday Times Top 100 Company, Flight Centre is a phenomenal organisation to start and build your career in the travel and events industry.”

Third year Tourism and Events Management BA Honours student Penka Uzunova, who helped arrange the event, commented: "Organising this careers panel was an exciting opportunity to prove to myself that when you are ambitious and dedicated to what you're doing, everything is possible. The whole process of planning and arranging every little detail of the event has taught me how to act as a professional and to be organised and team-orientated. I am now sure that being an event organiser is something that I would like to work as.”

With more than 25 years of excellence in teaching Tourism, the University of Westminster’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment offers a range of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Tourism and Events. The University’s Career Development Centre excels in employer engagement, and hosts regular employment fairs for students across a variety of sectors.

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