Anick Soni, Mentoring Administrator and alumnus at the University of Westminster, was the first intersex cover and was featured in a special Activists and Allies issue of Attitude Magazine about intersex activism.

Credit: Francisco Gomez de Villaboa

In the article, Anick discusses his experience as an intersex person and activist. He said: “Intersex people don’t currently have legal protections because we’re not included in the 2010 Equality Act’s list of different protected characteristics.”

He added: “Intersex people are generally seen as needing surgery, and you have people being operated on from a very young age – without understanding or consent.”

Discussing next steps, he added: “The NHS has confirmed that there are no clear statistics on how many people are intersex. The next logical step is to have it included in the census, or to be registered at birth, so we have some statistics.”

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