Welcoming alumni, friends and supporters, the University of Westminster held its second Alumni Reception at Ambika P3 on Thursday 29 March, against the backdrop of David Hall’s critically acclaimed exhibition entitled ‘1001 TV SETS (END PIECE) 1972-2012’.

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Hall’s solo exhibition has transformed the vast Ambika P3 subterranean space with 1001 recycled cathode ray tube TV sets, vividly heralding the end of analogue TV in the UK as London finally switches to digital on 18 April 2012.

Alumni from all eras, including the Royal Polytechnic Institution and a large number of alumni from the Polytechnic of Central London, were welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor, University staff and current scholarships students at the University’s creative industries centre at Marylebone. While some of the guests enjoyed the exclusive opportunity to view the exhibition, others talked to the Vice-Chancellor and other academics and staff about the University’s current projects and future plans.

These include major redevelopments of the Marylebone and Harrow campuses, whose expected completion in the autumn will considerably improve the student experience and bring the University’s activities closer to the industries and the general public; and continuing work to support current and prospective students’ access to higher education and prepare them for the world of work.
There are also plans for improvements at Little Titchfield Street, as well as a major capital campaign at Regent Street to restore the birthplace of British cinema. You can find out more and register your support here.

Steve Batten, one of the patrons of the University’s Alumni Fund, said that the engagement of the University’s alumni makes a great difference to new generations of students, and will only gain in significance, especially as the tuition fee system changes in the next academic year.

The University is preparing for the celebration of its 175th founding anniversary next year and is actively seeking to reconnect with as many of its alumni as possible. To receive updates on upcoming events, please sign up for Alumni Online.

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