Dr Nitasha Kaul, a Senior Lecturer on the Politics and International Relations BA Honours course, has written an article for Foreign Policy regarding the status of Kashmir during their conflict with the Indian government. 


The India-administered region of Kashmir has been under lockdown with a communications blockade, hundreds of arrests, and the Indian government has revoked Article 370, which guaranteed autonomy for the region. 

Of the actions of the Indian government, Dr Kaul said: “Kashmiris live with the reality of heavy militarization; occupation of land; the draconian powers of the security forces that can kill, blind, torture, or disappear individuals with impunity; demonization of Kashmiri students in Indian cities as security threats; and humiliation of Kashmiris in Indian media for being insufficiently grateful to Indian largesse.”

Dr Kaul also appeared on Al Jazeera’s news programme to discuss actions taken during the conflict. She said: “It’s unimaginable and unjustifiable by any standards to take a whole population and put them under siege while also at the same time claiming to be developing them.”

Read the full article on Foreign Policy’s website. 

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