Dr Patricia Hogwood, Reader in European Politics, has recently commented on Brexit negotiations. She was invited to use her academic expertise during an interview for the Australian channel ABC News and wrote an article for the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

In her interview for ABC News Australia, Dr Hogwood discussed several issues that the UK government is currently facing. She first mentioned the difficulty to see what the government is aiming at prioritising during Brexit negotiations: “It is very difficult to see what the government wants to prioritise at the moment as there is such a lack of clarity in the positions that they put forward.”

She added: “Probably at this round of negotiations, the most needed clarification for the UK government is about what is being called the divorce bill.”

Dr Hogwood also commented on the status of EU citizens living in the UK: “The position paper, put forward by Theresa May, caused some consternation because, under her proposals, EU citizens in the UK would not have such as a good deal as UK citizens in the EU.”

In her article for the ESRC, Dr Hogwood also discussed the launch of the second round on Brexit negotiations, which took place on 17 July, and raised the concerns regarding the UK government’s positions: “The launch of the second round of Brexit negotiations on 17 July only confirmed the concerns of May’s critics at home and in Europe. There was still a great deal of uncertainty over the UK’s ‘red lines’ and over which issues might be open to compromise.”

She added: “In July, three further UK position papers were hurriedly published. All are relatively underdeveloped and raise more questions than they answer. Possibly in a move to save face, both sides are representing the second round as about ‘deepening understanding’ rather than striking deals.”

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