Twenty-five International Business and Management students travelled to Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) for a seven-day study trip funded by the Quintin Hogg Trust.

Led by course leader Dr Rebecca Wang and Dr Epaminondas Koronis, the international visit is a particular feature of the MSc/MA International Business Management course. The trip aims to enhance students' employability through experiential learning, enable students to appreciate the complexity of international business management in a practical setting and to encourage students to critically evaluate preconceptions about conducting business within an international context.  

During the trip to Tashkent, students were asked to consider a genuine business challenge. Mr. Zafar Khashimov, the CEO of the national supermarket chain, asked students to explore the way in which the business should manage its future omni-channel strategy.     

Students did preparatory work ahead of the visit to familiarise themselves with the economic, legal, political, social and business environments in Tashkent and also participated in a number of workshops to help build their knowledge of retailing and also their ability to undertake live consultancy projects.   

Whilst in Tashkent students were engaged in a series of talks on the Strategy of Development of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021, on the Strategic Expansion of "Anglesey Food" (, by Mr Khashimov, and on How Leaders and Organisations Respond to Changes in the Environment, by Dr Koronis. 

In teams, students visited Korzinka supermarkets to carry out field research and collect primary data, interviewing shop managers, employees, and customers. They analysed the data and presented their recommendations to the CEO.

Business Students at the Westminster International University Tashkent
Westminster students at the Westminster International University Tashkent.

The programme also included a tour of Tashkent and opportunities to interact with WIUT colleagues and students. Speaking about the impact of the trip, one student said: "It has been a once in a lifetime experience". 

Founded in in 2002, Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) became the first international university in Uzbekistan. Through its partnership with the University of Westminster, WIUT represents a distinctive model of UK Transnational Education (TNE) and a unique British-Uzbek relationship.

With students from 165 countries, staff from across the world and a highly international alumni community, the University of Westminster embraces global engagement in all its forms. We have a rich mix of international partnerships in over 20 countries worldwide, and place particular emphasis on providing international opportunities for our students. Our research addresses global themes and is sustained by international collaborations. We are an international institution, located in the heart of London.

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