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China Media Centre 2014 Winter Seminar. Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh. Open to all.

This talk will examine the conflicting representations of events in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region that are offered by many Chinese and Western media sources.

Nick Holdstock is a freelance journalist and author of The Tree That Bleeds, a book about life in Xinjiang. His work has appeared in the London Review of Books, Dissent, the LA Review of Books and The Independent. He is an editor at chinadialogue and is currently working on a book about urbanisation in China. In addition to his work on Xinjiang, Nick has written (among other things) about Kyrgyzstan and China's environmental problems. He also writes fiction, some of which is available via his website His first novel will be published next year.If you have any inquiry about CMC events, please contact Alja Kranjec at [email protected].