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The Westminster Law, Development and Conflicts Research Group (WLDC) is pleased to announce its first seminar by Professor Nazira Camely on “The agrarian problem in areas of conservation units in the Brazilian Amazon: a study on the Extractive Reserve Chico Mendes”. Professor Camely will provide new and refreshing perspectives on the debates over environmental conflicts in Brazil. 

Nazira Camely is an economic geographer whose research has examined the working and living conditions of the women who worked at the Chico Mendes Chestnut Processing Plant in the city of Xapuri in the Amazon. She teaches at the School of Economics at the Fluminense Federal University. Prior to joining the UFF she taught in the Federal University of Acre from 2002-2005. She has conducted research on the geopolitics of large environmental NGOs and on the agrarian problem in areas that are environmental conservation units in the Brazilian Amazon. Professor Camley has published extensively on the economic, social and environmental consequences of the so-called 'sustainable development' policies."

About the WLDC research group

The WLCD research group aims to bring researchers from diverse critical traditions including Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL), Marxist, Critical Legal Theory (CLS) in Legal Studies, Critical, Marxist, post-Marxist, Structural, post-Structural and heterodox approaches to Development Studies and critical Conflict Studies to explore the linkages and connections between law, development and conflicts in the Third World. Since the end of the Cold War, and more recently since the events of the so-called “9/11”, international law, international institutions, development policies and civil and military conflicts in the Third World appear tangled and interconnected in complex ways. The Westminster Law, Development & Conflict Research Group seeks to probe the entanglement through interdisciplinary scholarship and multidisciplinary perspectives. The LDC Group provides a forum for (1) conversation, collaboration, and cooperation between scholars, activists and wider communities; (2) to develop research activities to advance understanding and appreciation of the complex interplay of law, development policies and conflicts; and (3) to extend the outreach of Westminster LDC Group’s work to the wider research communities, development NGOs and global justice movements. Affiliation to the Group is open to scholars, legal professionals, NGOs, activists and community organisations.

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