The third Westminster Business School Research Conference will take place on 9 and 10 January 2014. We'll circulate further details about the event in due course.


This conference started as a way for new and developing researchers to get feedback from the School’s research leaders on their projects in a friendly and supportive environment. This is still the case but the conference’s scope has now been broadened to include all the School’s researchers.


As a result, we'd like to invite you to present a paper or a research project that you're currently working on. We hope that every active researcher will make a presentation. For new or inexperienced researchers or those that do not want for some reason to make a full presentation there's the option to present a poster instead.

It's a whole school event (including WIUT in Tashkent). All members of staff will be invited to come to the conference, whether or not they make a presentation themselves. The precise schedule is yet to be decided, depending on numbers and topics, so for the moment please keep both days free.


The motivation for the conference is:

  • to improve the quality - and quantity - of research within the school, with the aim of improving publications, research income generation, and impact
  • to showcase the excellent research that's going on within the School
  • to provide a supportive and constructive environment for researchers to get feedback on their projects. This is likely to be especially beneficial for those researchers who are not aligned to a specific Research Centre or Group
  • to encourage conversations about research and its application to WBS’ teaching, and encourage fruitful cross-departmental collaborations
  • to improve the culture and climate for research within the school


The format will be like most academic conferences. Presentations will be streamed into groups of similar research topics and/or methodologies. Each session will have at least one senior researcher present, who'll chair the session and act as a discussant to provide feedback.

The presentations will be scheduled for 15-20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Posters will be displayed in the conference room for the duration of the conference, but there will be a designated ‘session’ of an hour or so during which posters may be viewed and discussed.

Please email Haydn Worley at [email protected] to confirm your attendance and for details on the presentation process.