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The Annual Doctoral Colloquium forms part of the PhD training programme provided at Westminster Business School and consists of presentations from our PhD students on their current research. Participation is mandatory for all WBS research students present in London.


This event intends to:

  • offer academic and social networking opportunities for students and staff
  • provide training to PhD students on dissemination of results
  • develop internal networks to encourage and disseminate research outputs
  • foster collaborations and knowledge transfer, and ensure that colleagues are aware of the outputs of PhD research
  • stimulate intellectual debate in an informal environment, fostering a sense of collaboration between PhD students and staff
  • allow an opportunity for students to share a range of positive and challenging aspects of studying for a PhD, as well as to encourage mutual support
  • provide a platform for PhD students to present papers for around 20 minutes and receive comments and feedback on their work for 10 minutes


  Download the full programme

Please contact Haydn Worley at [email protected] if you have any queries.