A workshop exploring vulnerability through Niklas Luhmann systems theory. The workshop is structured as open slots of presentations and discussions, with a greater emphasis on early career academics from the UK and abroad thinking about vulnerability and autopoietic systems theory, without necessarily having put these together.

This is an explorative and intensely performative workshop that aims at an unorthodox understanding of systems theory and takes a fresh look at issues of vulnerability, as recently taken up in feminist studies, ecological theory, as well as new materialist writings. 

Participants include: Adrienne Barnett, Lucy Finchett-Maddock, Cedric Gilson, Anna Grear, Justine Groenbaek Pors, Mark Hanna, Jennifer Hendry, Pravin Jerayaj, Bernard Keenan, Anders La Cour, Catriona Mackenzie, Simon McLeod, Sarah Sargent, Camilla Sloek, Moritz von Stetten, Michael Thomson, Thomas Webb.

Photos from the event