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Dr Paul Kadetz

The Contemporary China Centre Spring 2013 Seminar Series

Dr Paul Kadetz

The practice of health diplomacy aims to prioritize the health care aspects of humanitarian aid as a mechanism for political economic negotiations between donor and recipient nations. Existing research concerning health diplomacy has failed to assess the context-appropriateness of the health care aid transferred, the manner in which health diplomacy is implemented, and the political and economic ideologies embedded in such transfers. This presentation examines how health diplomacy may be understood in terms of the above-mentioned criteria using specific illustrative examples of Sino-African health diplomacy over the past sixty years. China's health diplomacy is contrasted with examples of that of the US in order to assess whether the former constitutes a distinct alternative to the normative health diplomacy of the global North.


Paul is on the faculty of the Arizona School of Health Sciences (United States) and is an Associate of the China Centre for Health and Humanity at University College London. He completed his DPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford. He also completed a MSc. in Medical Anthropology at Oxford and holds a MPH in International Health and Development; a MSN as an Adult Nurse Practitioner; and a MSOM in acupuncture and herbology. Paul has served as an external expert researcher for the Traditional Medicine Unit of the Western Pacific Region Office of the World Health Organization and assisted in the development of the current strategy for Traditional Medicine for the Western Pacific Region. Paul has conducted research on health care and integrative medicine in China, Cuba, Guatemala, the Philippines and the United States 

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