Third joint conference between the University of Westminster and Brunel University.

Keynote by Dr David Cunningham: Traces of Capital, or, are some things unrepresentable?

Traces are understood multifariously as fragments of evidence; remnants and vestiges; suggestions of latent and unrealised potential; material imprints of the social, political, historical, legal, cultural, theoretical. They are the lines and residues from which we unravel influences, discrepancies, decline and potential.

Organised by, and for, postgraduate research students, the third joint Researching the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Conference brings together Brunel University and the University of Westminster. This celebration of the creative and scholarly work done at our universities will take the form of a platform for current research manifestations, debate and exchange. The conference aims to navigate the space between disciplines through an exploration of the theme of ‘Traces’.

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Victoria Brooks, Sebastian Jenner, Jurgita Malinauskaite, Danilo Mandic, Uyoyo Onemu, Hae-in Song, Miriam Tedeschi, Collette Wheeler, Jessica Worden.

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