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With the sudden eruption of Arab uprisings across the Middle East, the revolutions of Egypt and Tunisia and
the following protests in Algeria, Jordan and Yemen, many are claiming that this could change the politics of not only the Middle East but of the entire world.

As students of social sciences it is our task to analyse these changes and attempt to attach a contextualised understanding. This event will attempt to explain the causes behind the recent political awakening as well as the wider political and social ramifications that it may have on the region.
Our speakers include:

  • Dibyesh Anand: On Western preconceptions of the Middle East.
  • Roland Dannreuther: On the geopolitical implications.
  • Farhang Morady: On the causes of the social uprisings and possible future developments.

Come and find out what academics can bring to the discussion about the current uprising in the Arab world.

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