Please note: The timings are subject to change.

Many Faces of Migration poster

Organiser: HOMELandS and the University Research Communities

This is an online event via MS Teams or Zoom (to be confirmed).

A defining feature of the twenty-first century is the unprecedented movement of peoples across national borders and the consequences this has produced. Migration is one of the most visible aspects of globalisation and has a significant impact on the human landscape. Within the University of Westminster, many colleagues specialise in migration-related research. We want to create a University-wide platform to bring together colleagues from across colleges and schools, who are interested in migration studies, to connect with each other and to celebrate what we have achieved. By organising this event, we hope to achieve the following objectives: 

  • To share how migration has been explored from various disciplinary perspectives, unpack the many faces of migration and explore the intricate ways in which they are linked
  • To delineate the scope of migration research within the University, identify its different themes and suggest areas we can work collaboratively towards 
  • To create a Westminster brand of ‘migration research’ and grow a unique migration research environment in order to enhance the impact of our research

We adopt the term ‘unconference’ as the most suitable format for this University-wide capacity-building event. We welcome academic papers, posters, exhibition pieces, musical works, poetry, unconventional presentations of on-going research, all of which celebrate the many faces of migration. We encourage contributors to share their work, experiences and ideas in a relaxed, non-hierarchical setting, to generate innovative ideas to further migration research. We define ‘migration’ broadly, referring to the diverse experiences associated with trans-border and trans-national mobilities. We expect this two-day virtual unconference to comprise panel discussions, interactive roundtables, an online exhibition and other knowledge-sharing and co-creative activities.

As a starting point, the facilitators have identified five interrelated themes around which the issue of migration is already being researched. These themes provide a working structure in which migration, with its many faces, can be opened up and explored further. We want to identify synergies between all themes and to reveal shared interests that have the potential to lead to rich and fruitful collaborations. 

Please find a description of each theme and the contact details of theme facilitators through the Padlet link below.  

How to contribute

You can upload your contribution(s), in whatever form they take, to the relevant theme or the open contributions strand of this Padlet (access is for staff and doctoral students of the University of Westminster). Further guidance on using Padlet is provided on Blackboard.

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Lamb: [email protected] or Cangbai Wang: [email protected].

Deadline for contributions: Friday 26 March 2021

For general queries about the unconference, contact Alan Yabsley: [email protected]

Organising committee 

  • Terry Lamb (Humanities, CETI)
  • Cangbai Wang (Humanities)
  • Saskia Huc-hepher (Humanities)
  • Julio Gimenez (CETI)
  • Lilian Miles (Organisations, Economy and Society) 
  • Giulio Verdini (Architecture and Cities)
  • Margherita Sprio (Arts)
  • Anastasia Kavada (Media and Communication)
  • Miriam Dwek (Life Science)
  • Alan Yabsley (Research communities)

Programme and presentations

See the Unconference programme and presentations on Padlet (access is for staff and doctoral students of the University of Westminster)