One-day symposium organised by GWACS Bristol.


  • Mike Basker, University of Bristol, “The Soldier, the Red Guardsman and the Unknown Warrior: converging images in Russian poetry 1914-1937”
  • Richard Bolster, University of Bristol, “Disenchantment at Waterloo: a Stendhalian hero goes to war”
  • Nikki Cooper, University of Bristol, “‘Mon Légionnaire’: hard men, heroes, heart-throbs”
  • Russel Cousins, University of Birmingham, “Narrative Fragmentation and Coherence in La Débâcle: Zola’s multiplicity of viewpoint and the soldier’s perspective”
  • John Gilmour, University of Bristol, “The Africanista Officer and the Forging of a Spanish National Identity”
  • Katharine Hodgson, University of Exeter, “Representations of the Victor in Soviet Russian poetry of 1945”
  • Josie McLellan, University of Bristol, “‘A Hero can’t be Frightened’: constructing heroism in East German accounts of the International Brigades”
  • Catherine Merridale, University of Bristol, “The Red Army Soldier: an unrecoverable memory?”
  • Bill Niven, Nottingham Trent University, “Through the Eye of the Camera: crime, politics and aesthetics in the Wehrmacht Exhibition”
  • Mikhail Ryklin, Moscow Academy of Sciences, “War in the Context of Terror”