Andrea Bellot, PhD candidate at the University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.

Although the Falklands War (1982) was relatively short and did not involve a great number of losses, it represents an important blow in the collective memory of the two nations involved: Great Britain and Argentina. For the British, it was the last ‘colonial’ war and one which helped Margaret Thatcher to stay in power for almost a decade after the British victory. For the Argentine, it was the only war fought and lost in the twentieth century and it brought about the fall of the dictatorship. The year 2012 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the war, amidst a revival of the conflict due to the ongoing sovereignty claims by the current Argentine government. The war is long over but the conflicts and tensions are not, and they were conveniently revived for the anniversary. Making use of the main British national newspapers, tabloid and broadsheet, this paper will explore the reconstruction and narration of the Falklands War 30 years later, focusing on the figure of the ‘enemy’.

Andrea Bellot is working on her doctoral thesis at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain. She holds a degree in English Philology from the University of Barcelona and completed the Masters’ programme “Cultural Studies: Texts & Contexts” in the URV. Her minor dissertation was on the promotion of nationalist identities in the war of the Malvinas/Falklands, a topic which she has been working on since her undergraduate studies. Her interests are mainly in cultural studies, war studies, national identity and the media. Andrea was born in Argentina but has been living in Catalonia since 2005.

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