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Cohesion concerns meaning and language, and is a fundamental and reliable aspect of a text which contributes to the meanings in the text. Related to coherence (which concerns meaning and logic), cohesion is key to effectively understanding and producing texts. This presentation explores cohesion using an academic text for analysis. This analysis illustrates the range and depth of cohesion, which connects language forms – including grammatical and lexical language – to meanings such as writer-reader relations and whole-text organization. We look at ways of teaching and learning cohesion so that our students can engage with and produce more accurate and persuasive texts.

6–6.30pm Welcome
6.30–7.30pm Presentation
7.30–8.30pm Reception

About Edward de Chazal

Edward de Chazal started teaching English in 1987, subsequently specializing in EAP at universities in Turkey, Kuwait and the UK. He is now an independent author and consultant; his publications include the Oxford EAP series and the English for Academic Purposes title in the Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers series.

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