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The Sustainable Cities Lab is an interactive forum gathering leading academics from Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom along with professionals to discuss current city debates.

It is being organised by Platforms for sustainable cities and regions in collaboration with theArab Urban Development Institute, University of Westminster and Oxford Brookes University.

Debates will include topics such as Sustainable Development and the United Nations Urban Agenda, Resilience and Wellbeing and how to promote innovative and responsive cities while reflecting on Saudi cities and implementation of the Saudi Kingdom's 2030 Vision.

The Lab will explore active city management and strengthening community involvement with a bigger role given to women and youth. It will help to build a network of UK and Saudi architects and planners and create bonds between academia and practice.

The Lab's outcomes and reflections will be gathered in a Visions Book to inspire education and practices.

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University of Westminster students can attend all three Lab sessions free of charge.

To attend, email Roudaina Alkhani on [email protected]

You can find the two other sessions at the following links: