Part of the CSD Spring 2021 Seminar Series

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Máximo Sozzo (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina) will be presenting the paper ‘“Southernizing” Criminology: Problems and Possibilities’.

In recent years, expressions such as 'southern criminology', 'counter-colonial criminology' ‘decolonial criminology’ or 'postcolonial criminology' have occupied corners of the contemporary debate in this field of studies. This discussion echoes a general debate within social sciences. Not all these expressions mean exactly the same and there are important distinctions among the different interventions. In this paper Máximo tries to produce a balance of what has been discussed, highlighting some key elements around which there is some sort of agreement and identifying the main points of disagreement and the different arguments that have been proposed in relation to them. Finally, he discusses the idea of “southernizing” criminology as an interesting alternative to solve at least some – even if not all – these points of conflict, both politically and scientifically. 

The seminar will take place online. Register for this event on Eventbrite.

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