The University of Westminster is staging a soft launch of its Black Music Research Unit at the Marylebone Campus on Saturday, 1 June. The aim is introduce the work they're involved with, while highlighting some of projects and experts currently operating in the field.

The event will showcase current work from music industry, institutional and community partners, and colleagues. There are seven panel sessions which are:

  • The Film Panel
  • Photographer & Collectors Panel
  • The National/International Academic Panel
  • Live Music Panel
  • The Legacy & Writers Panel
  • Research Panel
  • The Pirate Radio Panel

There will be no parallel sessions, making it a very compact afternoon. We start at 11am and finish by 6.30pm. The format is informal with each panel showcasing work under the themed headings above. There will be new books launched and previews to new films due this year. This a great networking opportunity, for researchers and professional alike, and a chance to promote current work.