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Signal and Noise is the second in an annual series of interdisciplinary exhibitions and talks traversing the fuzzy boundaries between science and art. Led by the University of Westminster’s Transmedia Cluster, this year’s exhibition showcases work from students and staff from across the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design.

The title of the exhibition provides a thematic focus for the participating artists, who have explored it from a multitude of different angles and disciplinary perspectives. From a computer program that produces large-scale drawings by continuously reassembling the lines of an IKEA instruction manual to scientific methods to differentiate between the stars and the noise in a photograph of the dark sky, the exhibition brings together a collection of engaging, surprising and thought-provoking work. Artworks that alter and translate conventionally intelligible messages or concepts into data that make sense only to digital or analogue devices will enhance, or blur, the distinction between Signal and Noise. The work challenges us to consider the ways in which we selectively process the constant flow of data and information from the world around us.

The aim of the series is to promote a culture of collaboration across disciplines of art, science and technology, to create a new generation of practitioners who identify ideas through the blending of mediums and practices. A truly collective enterprise, the exhibition has also been planned, facilitated and curated by a cross-disciplinary team of students and staff. A programme of additional interdisciplinary activities, workshops and talks around the exhibition is currently being confirmed so please check back.

The exhibition is a collaboration between staff and students from BSc Clinical Photography, BA Contemporary Media Practice, BA Graphic Communication Design, BA/BSc Imaging Art and Science, BA Photography, BSc Photography and Digital Imaging Technologies and BA Mixed Media Fine Art.

The private view for this exhibition is on Thursday 10 November from 6pm–9pm. For more details of the exhibition, to attend the private view, or to arrange a group visit, please contact [email protected].