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The year 2015 is a significant year, having been announced as the year of UK–China cultural exchange by the Chinese and British governments. Throughout the year, both countries have held a series of high-level cultural activities to promote cultural communication and industrial collaboration, as well as mutual understanding and friendship. Creativity is the chosen theme for their Culture Seasons. 

Following the success of the First Global China Dialogue (GCD), organised by CCPN Global and YES Global in 2014 in London, the Second Global China Dialogue will focus on transculturality and new global governance.

The event will cover the following themes:

  • Launching the Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) – a dual-language academic journal
  • Introducing transculturality and new global governance
  • Civilised dialogue – transculture and comparison
  • Sustainable urbanisation in Europe and China
  • School governance in the UK, transcultural education and learning
  • Social creativity, transcultural practice and new global governance

The event will discuss all facets of new global governance, encompassing national governments, international organisations, multinational companies, NGOs and citizens. The event will seek new rules of civilised dialogue, encouraging both sides to listen to the other, understand cultural differences, respect local customs, accept different perspectives and acknowledge the common destiny of humanity, with a view to building a harmonious, symbiosis-based global community.

This event is organised jointly by CCPN Global, the China Media Centre of the University of Westminster, the Development Institute of Fudan University and YES Global. It has received enthusiastic support from the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy to the UK, the Ministry of Culture of China, the British Council, the British Sociological Association, the Chinese Association of World Politics Studies and related organisations and academic institutions, as well as all the supporters and sponsors that are participating in this event.

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