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Science for a Better Thames: A new Knowledge Exchange Network for the Water Framework Directive

Lectures by Geoff Bateman (Head of River Basin Management) and Myles Thomas (Thames River Basin Programme Manager), followed by a plenary discussion session and then drinks reception to allow networking.

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) is one of the most important pieces of EU legislation for managing, conserving and restoring rivers, groundwaters, lakes and estuaries. It requires water bodies such as the Thames to achieve good ecological and chemical status by 2015, ensuring economic considerations and social issues are not ignored.

Science across many disciplines underpins all aspects of the WFD and non-science disciplines have a significant role in setting the social and economic context for implementation of the Directive. The Environment Agency has identified the scientific and academic community around the Thames basin as one with which it wants to engage with. This community has an important potential role to play: in reducing scientific uncertainties and helping meet ambitious environmental goals for the Thames in the most cost – effective way.

In the first steps to change this we invite scientists and academics from across institutions and disciplines (from ecology to economics) and stakeholders to this lecture which will:

-  Describe the WFD and what it means for the Thames Basin and those who live near it, as outlined in the Thames River Basin Management Plan to be published by the Environment Agency on 22 December 2009.

-  Highlight areas where scientific and other expertise can make the process more robust and help achieve the WFD’s goals for the Thames Basin

-  Set the scene for the establishment of a multi-institutional and cross disciplinary knowledge exchange network that exchanges current and high quality expert information to foster a ‘better’ Thames Basin

-  Identify a series of workshops on more specific issues, such as diffuse pollution which will follow next year.

If you would like to attend the lecture please complete the registration form. If you are unable to attend the meeting but are interested in receiving information on the knowledge exchange network please complete the form and tick the relevant box.

We would like to encourage attendees to display a poster of their relevant work at the reception following the lecture. If you would like to present a poster please tick the appropriate box on the registration form. 

Location Details

The Old Cinema, 309 Regent Street

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