From 24 October to 2 November, 2014, SideBySide Studio e.V., La Maison Laurentine and Ambika P3 are delighted to present Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0, a major touring programme which introduces the work of young and emerging Taiwanese new media artists.

To mark the occasion the University of Westminster is convening Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0 Symposium, a half-day event considering issues central to the global schizophrenia phenomenon – a disorder characterized by the difficulty to share an interpretation of reality with others.

Bringing together notable scholars, curators, and artists, the event will share unique vantage points from its minutiae to its globally networked implications, in particular, the schizophrenia symptom that appeared concurrently in recent social movements around the world.

The rising civic consciousness is manifested by the profusion of protests and civil disobedience. Recent waves of social movements are initiated, organized, and performed by younger generations through their clever use of technological tools and social media. Many artists who are physically active in these movements also create artworks in response to this social turbulence.

The symposium will ask:

  • What is the role of art in this era of hyper-connectivity and dissociation?
  • What can it do for us when global society is in a state of crisis?
  • Can art help us chart paths towards a holistic way of being?

Confirmed speakers:

I-Wei Li is Artistic Director of SideBySide Studio e.V., CEO of Artout Artist Escort Service, and 'contexterin' - a female person who aims to generate new contexts though her artistic practice. Li works extensively with interdisciplinary exchanges in Europe, South American and Asia with an emphasis on critical research situated between art, economy and crisis. Recent curatorial projects include Kunst Apotheke Salon, Between Windos - Latin America and Beyond and D'abord les forêts.

Li-Chen Loh 駱麗真 is Director of Digital Art Education Association, Associate Professor of Public Relations and Advertising in Shih Hsin University, the assistant professor of Arts and Design in National Taiwan University, Advisor of the Association of Visual Arts in Taiwan, and Member of “Art and Industry Innovation Incubation Program” for Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

Pierre Bongiovanni is Artistic Director of La Maison Laurentine, Managing Director of D'abord les forêts festival, art critic, chief editor of Slunk, filmmaker and producer. In 1990, Bongiovanni founded Pierre Schaeffer CICV (Centre of International Video Creation), the first digital and media arts centre in Europe. He led CICV in supporting a wide range of pioneering projects until 2004. He continues to curate important European art festivals and engages in in-depth exchanges with South America and Asia.

Jow-Jiun Gong 龔卓軍 is Dean of Art Creation and Theory, Tainan University of Arts, Chief Editor of Art Critique in Taiwan (ACT) Magazine. Gong is also known for his Mandarin translation work for Gaston Bachelard, Maurice Merlau-Ponty and Carl Gustav Jung and has published Are We Working too Much? I: Workbook and Are We Working too Much? II: Field Narratives in 2013.

Programme and registration

Free admission. Download the draft schedule.

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