At the Tate Modern co-curated by Stuart Comer and Robert Lumley.

21 November 6.30pm: Film Screening and launch of book by Robert Lumley, "Entering the Frame. Cinema and HIstory in the Films of Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi' with participation of the filmmakers themselves and Prof. Robert Gordon (University of Cambridge) in dialogue. Plus drinks and reception at the Italian Cultural Institute. Event co-sponsored and organized by the European Institute of UCL (

Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi are pioneers of found-footage films that testify to the spectres of war, genocide and colonialism. Renowned for their landmark experimental work/From the Pole to the Equator/, Gianikian & Ricci Lucchi have redefined the documentary form, manipulating rare archival footage through re-photography, hand-tinted colour, and adjustment of the film’s speed. They explore the fragility of the cinematic image and the destructive political powers that have deployed it. Archival images in their films are not curiosities or of merely antiquarian interest; they are themselves survivors and bear traces of the history of which they are fragmentary remnants. Gianikian & Ricci Lucchi give us a catalogue of human movement, gesture and conflict, just as they reflect on the outdated technologies and materials through which these images are embodied. This survey of their intense and beautiful work offers a rare chance to see films ranging from their earliest ‘scented films’ through to more recent ‘electric fragments’ revealing social problems in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Indonesia, Senegal and beyond.

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