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Conference on any aspect of how war and violence were documented, depicted and narrated in the medieval and early modern periods, including:

- the representation of conflict in chronicles, poetry,
correspondence, proclamations, pageantry;
- the visual depiction/performance of war and violence;
- questions of just war, holy war, necessary war, casus belli;
- perspectives of victor and victim, chivalry and atrocity;
- different interpretations of soldier and civilian, eyewitness and historian;
- changing philosophies, codes, practices, technologies and accoutrements of war;
- war as divine providence or human scourge;
- intersections of art, literature, and propaganda.

Keynote speakers: Professor Daniel Weiss, Lafayette College; Professor Richard Kaeuper, University of Rochester; Professor Anne Curry, University of Southampton

Other contributors: Laura Ashe, David Grummitt, Megan Leitch, Catherine Nall, Craig Taylor.

For more info, please contact Joanna Bellis at [email protected]

This colloquium is generously sponsored by the Harry F. Guggenheim Foundation, which promotes research on all aspects of the human propensity to violence and aggression; and by Pembroke College, Cambridge. It will be a forum to foster conversation between historians, art historians and literary critics.
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